5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Kanawha County

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Blog

Listing your property as an owner is complicated. You’re prepared to sell your house, but you don’t want to pay those hefty commissions and fees! We understand this struggle, so we’re taking the time to answer your questions about the selling process. There’s plenty of potential savings to be found, and they’ll help get you through the grueling process of a property sale.

If you’re a seller in Kanawha County, avoid the headache of listing your property on the market by making a direct sale. A direct sale alleviates the problems you’d normally face if you went through an agent. Even better, you’ll save lots of money along the way!

No need to spend on repairs or renovations

Real estate experts understand that potential buyers will be discouraged by your property if they see anything old or outdated — features like cabinets, flooring, woodwork, and even old paint. These buyers are making an important investment, and the cost for the property should be deemed fair for the home’s quality. You should note that buyers will conduct their own background checks on the property. Expect that they want items and materials to be in good condition before even thinking about making an offer.

Inspections and appraisals are an important part of the conventional house selling procedure. Many people spend thousands of dollars to get a property ready to sell. You may also have to pay large repair costs for issues you were previously unaware of to pass inspections. A direct sale frees you from having to even think about all the associated repair costs because we’ll buy your property as-is!

Pack-up and Go Instantly

Selling directly and forgetting about it is a very convenient way to sell your property. Most buyers don’t want to see a house full of belongings and disrepair, according to seasoned real estate agents. They’ll suggest that nearly every surface be clear of items. Today’s real estate professionals will advise you to store your goods and spend additional cash decorating the home for showings and advertising. You’ll need to maintain the curb appeal of your property as well. This lets the buyer better imagine themselves living in the house.

With a direct sale, you can avoid all the expenses associated with cleaning up your Kanawha County home. All you’ll need to do is pack your necessities and leave behind any furniture you don’t need. In any case, leaving behind objects you don’t need will also help with the showing and for glamor shots of the property when advertising. A direct sale of your property is especially beneficial for those selling newer or more recently renovated properties.

Forget Closing Costs

In Kanawha County, a direct sale will help avoid the usual fees that come with traditional closings, such as for appraisal and inspection reports. These fees will hand you more paperwork and additional computations to manage.

With us, you’ll get a guaranteed closing date and a no-nonsense closing process. We’ll take care of everything post-sale so you don’t have to worry about all the little expenditures. They add up!

No Marketing Expenses

When you choose to sell your home traditionally, any marketing expenses will come out of your pocket. Selling on your own means a budget for online and offline marketing tactics.

The amount you spend on marketing your property will directly affect both the quality of your advertising and its reach. That means the more you spend on marketing, the larger your potential audience — and potential buyers. The downside is you’ll have to spend much more. You’ll also have to make sure it looks perfect in pictures.

Monthly Costs Eliminated

Taking a look at it all, selling a house can be quite expensive. If you’ve recently had to relocate for work or personal reasons, these costs might be stress-inducing. These expenditures can go into the thousands of dollars, including taxes, mortgages, insurance, utility bills, and maintenance. Repair costs are generally more frequent and numerous as your property ages.

Sell your Kanawha County home fast with us

You will easily save thousands of dollars by opting for a direct sale! Sell your Kanawha County property fast to 3 Oh 4 Investments directly, and you can lower or forget about these payments altogether. You don’t have to wait. Call or message us today!

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