Sell Your Extra Property in Kanawha County Quick With These Tips!

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Fortunate enough to have a second property in Kanawha County? Then you should know you have a ton of options when it comes to utilizing it or selling it.

If you’re keen to sell it, don’t forget to try these top tips for selling your extra Kanawha County property!

What to Do with Extra Property in Kanawha County

Owning a second property can be costly. There are a ton of maintenance tasks and even taxes you need to be mindful of in order to keep it in prime condition. If you’re not up for the job or don’t have the room in your budget to handle two properties at a time, your best bet is to sell it.

Tips for Selling a Property in Kanawha County Fast


Tidy Up

The first thing you should do is to clean it up. Scrub down the deck and patio, declutter and throw out any junk, and even freshen it up by adding a new layer of paint to the interior and exterior walls of the home. All of these are necessary for making your Kanawha County property look brand-new while raising your chances of selling it quickly.


You won’t get any buyers if they don’t know it’s up for sale! At the very least, have it listed on a Multiple Listing Service so other interested buyers and real estate agents know that your home is on the market. You can also try adding a “For Sale” sign on the property lawn so passersby know that it’s up for grabs, too!

Use Social Media

Social media has become a vital tool when it comes to selling just about anything. You can use social media to post photos of the home, put up a listing, and even give a video of a home tour. There are a ton of social media platforms you can try, but we recommend TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram as they have the most active users. You can even try boosting your post or creating ads to get even more eyeballs on your property.

Lower the Asking Price

If you’ve done everything you could to make your Kanawha County home attractive, but you still aren’t getting any biters, then perhaps your asking price is too high. Overpricing your home is one of the surest ways to lengthen your sales timeline, as potential buyers will be hesitant to make an offer on a property that they feel is overpriced. Talk to a professional real estate agent, have your home appraised, or look around your neighborhood for any similar homes being sold to make sure you’ve priced your home properly. While you may not want to do it, slashing a few hundreds or thousands from your asking price may be the quickest way to sell your home.

Sell To a Professional Home Buyer

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my house fast in Kanawha, County?” you can try to sell the home to a cash home buyer, such as 3 Oh 4 Investments, LLC. These companies usually purchase houses regardless of the state or situation it’s in – including houses in probate.

We are cash home buyers in Kanawha County, WV and we buy houses no matter what their condition may be. You don’t have to wait or file any paperwork before selling to us. Just fill out the form and you’re good to go! If you want to sell your home fast for cash in West Virginia, consider selling your property to professional home buyers like us. We promise to give you a fair cash offer on your home.

Contact us today!

If you live in Kanawha County, West Virginia and are looking to sell your property, the experts at 3 Oh 4 Investments, LLC can help you! We are a real estate solutions company committed to providing our clients with a variety of real estate services.

Our goal at 3 Oh 4 Investments, LLC is to improve the overall quality of housing for the residents of West Virginia. We buy houses in just about any condition and situation, including foreclosure, late mortgage payments, or fair market value. For more information about our home buying process, give us a call at 304-314-4341.

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